Being Yourself with Taylor Bennett

Mr. Bennett has inclined our summer some more heat with his six-track EP titled: Be Yourself. With the controversial album cover of Bennett in his “birthday suit,” it is visible the confidence and self-love is at an all-time-high for the Chicago artist. Bennett uses this platform to display that Bennett family musical talent.

If you remember, the twenty-two-year-old used Twitter last year to be transparent about his sexuality of being a bisexual. Following National Pride month (June), Bennett capitalizing that same momentum with this project.
Addressing his sexuality, keeping his faith visible, being called the “F- word”, and how he is simply being himself.

But let’s not stray away from the bottomline that: Hip-Hop lives within this EP. Bennett keeps it sweet and simple with three features but owns the lyrical complexity. Head bobbing beats, sly flowing rhymes, and feel-good vibes is what ‘Being Yourself’ is about.

The transparency is more than the Chicago native’s Tweets but also in his musical art. Living his truth. Being happy in his skin. Honest and real. It is a beautiful thing to see within the young man.
If this is what “Being Yourself” is about then maybe we should follow these footsteps and start to be ourselves.