Hazel El Brown

HAZEL EL BROWN is the VISIONARY, CREATIVE, & OWNER of one of the fastest growing salons [The Loc Block] in the Houston surrounding area. Hailing from Missouri City, TX, and one of Houston’s Entrepreneurs on the rise, she and her ARTISTRY are indeed one to follow.

This Summer, Hazel El Brown Enterprises is presenting The GOOD HAIR, HAIR SHOW, a one day family friendly event filled with all things HAIR,HEALTH, AND BEAUTY. Her mission of the GOOD HAIR, HAIR SHOW to nurture an ever growing hair, beauty, and healthy living community. Also, to enhance networking, education, and fellowship throughout the beauty industry. Also to provide and create an atmosphere where businesses both big and small have the opportunity to reach and interact with consumers.

At 28, Hazel El Brown is just getting started, but with her passion leading the way, she is destined for greatness.