The 72-year-old woman from Georgia who assaulted a pregnant soldier was arrested after the video has went viral and released on a $650 bond.

The incident took place in Macon, Georgia after a white woman was upset that the two black women soldiers took a parking spot.  Judy Tucker was taken to Bibb County Jail and charged with assault. She was released on $650 bond.

The two soldiers are identified as 34-year-old Stephanie Mitchell and 27-year-old Treasure Sharp. LaKeycia Ward videotaped the incident, which she says started when the two soldiers attempted to find a handicapped parking spot.

Tucker and her son approached the two women inside Cheddars restaurant in Macon, Georgia. Her son allegedly calling “them ‘gay black b***hes’ and shouted ‘does the military let lesbians serve?'” That is when Ward pulled out her phone to record the incident.

Tucker demanded that the women stop recording her.

“Don’t you take a picture of me!” Tucker shouted. “You don’t have the right to take a picture of me!”

As the three continued to argue, Tucker shoved Sharp, who is pregnant.

“I’m pregnant! Look at me, I’m pregnant!” Sharpe says on camera. “You’re pushing a pregnant lady!”

The incident has led to Tucker being denied to return to teach at Mercer University where she taught an art class in 2017.