Considering it a joke but with a serious purpose, a guerilla campaign has been circling France now, gathering over one million signatures by March 15 to elect Barack Obama for president.


Organized by the group called Obama17, one of the spearheaders going by the name Antoine informed that they have launched a website and already circulated 500 posters around Paris last weekend.


“We want to show that people are fed up with the politicians here. People are tired about it and they like this joke. It gives people a little fun amid all these scandals,” he said.


Marine Le Pen, the candidate currently leading the French polls, is not being favored by Antoine’s group. The organizer shared they are “fed up” with Le Pen’s actions and Obama’s name came up as they cannot find a deserving candidate to root for.


Since the former US president is not a drop of blood French, they have been receiving queries about this problem.


“We’ve had some funny emails from lawyers telling us how it could be possible. He would have to be naturalized by the president of the French Assembly,” Antoine said, hoping Obama is aware of their campaign.


“I think if Barack Obama answers this, there will be a huge amount of reaction. I think he might like this kind of thing,” Antoine furthered. “People in France would get crazy, especially young people. But he won’t say yes to our proposal.”