Malaysian authorities recovered the CCTV footage of the attack of Kim Jong-Un’s brother, Kim Jong-Nam, leading to his death, as first aired on TV in Japan on Monday.

The video showed Kim Jong-Nam navigating the airport, until a woman in white shirt appeared and wiped a cloth onto his face then slipped back into the crowd with her accomplice.

Alerting the airport employees and police with what happened, Kim Jong-Nam eventually died on the way to the hospital.

North Korean ambassador says they don’t trust Malaysia’s investigation and denies the man killed was Kim Jong Nam. The Malaysian authorities questioned North Korea’s criticism and said they have been “very objective” with their investigation.

Meanwhile, seven suspects are at large. Four of them – all North Korean – left Kuala Lumpur on the day of the attack.

“We need them to assist in the investigation. So we have to collect all of the evidence pertaining to the involvement of these people,” said Noor Rashid Ismail, Malaysian police deputy inspector-general.

On the other hand, the police holds four other suspects in custody including a North Korean chemistry expert and both alleged female attackers. The women, one seen leaving the airport, told investigators they were tricked to “pulling a prank” for a hidden camera on a TV show.

While North Korea has kept denying involvement, South Korea’s acting president Hwang Kyo-Ahn insist the blame to them.

“The murder clearly demonstrates the recklessness and brutality of the North Korean regime,” Hwang said.

Moreover, Kim’s son landed in Malaysia to identify his father’s body. As for the suspects in custody, they’ll appear in court on Wednesday to either be charged or released.