A father in Cary, North Carolina, has been charged after his 21-year-old son was shot during an argument with his brother on Thanksgiving about NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

According to a local CBS News affiliate, search warrants obtained Tuesday have identified the father as 51-year-old Jorge Luis Valencia Lamadrid.

Esteban Valencia, whose injuries are not considered life-threatening, was shot after becoming embroiled in a physical fight with his brother over the protests.

According to the warrants, Lamadrid retrieved a shotgun when he was unable to separate his two sons after their argument turned physical.

When Lamadrid asked the feuding brothers to leave, the fight is believed to have moved into the backyard, where objects were thrown.

The victim was shot after Lamadrid was hit in the face with a water bottle, which CBS 17 reports caused him to squeeze the gun’s trigger and fire, striking the 21-year-old in the hand and leg.

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