Following the vice-presidential debate in Virginia, the Republican nominee’s son, Eric Trump defended his father via an interview with the CNN. He likewise wanted to put one issue to rest: taxes.

If one can recall in a recent story, the New York Times suggested that based on a reported $916 million loss in 1995, Trump could have avoided paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades. Hence, the younger Trump was asked if his father has indeed paid federal income tax within the last 18 years.

“Of course, yes, absolutely. My father pays a tremendous amount of tax. We as a company pay a tremendous amount of tax and goes so far beyond federal income taxes. How about real estate taxes? How about employment taxes? How about sales tax? How about every other type of tax that goes into that? The difference between my father and Hillary Clinton is that Clinton has lived off of the government tax her entire life.” Eric Trump responded.

The Trump team said the returns obtained by the Times were acquired illegally and that Trump has paid hundreds of millions in other types of taxes. He further said his father would release his taxes once the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has concluded an audit. Moreover, Eric slammed Clinton’s refusal to release transcripts of private speeches given to financial firms after she served as secretary of state.

But as Eric Trump was pushed later in the interview, he seemed to be referring to taxes the Trump Corporation pays, not taxes paid by Donald Trump himself.

Meanwhile the world remembers the first presidential debate that scrutinized Donald Trump with this tax issue. Per Hillary Clinton, she insisted in her attacks that Trump did not pay his federal income taxes. And then afterwards, the feisty Trump interjected, “that makes me smart”.

Trump is once again breaking tradition with every major party candidate since 1976 that has not released his tax returns, citing an audit. Notwithstanding, the IRS has said that their audit does not prevent him from releasing his returns.