Television creator Ali Leroi revealed a series of portraits entitled “Ali Leroi: Self Portrait” on Saturday at the Bradford Stewart Gallery in Los Angeles to rave reviews.

The co-creator of Everybody Hates Chris showcased his bold urban subject photography in a display that consisted of powerful black and white photos to one of my favorites a bold colorful picture that shows a woman walking in a club.

The display consisted of organic and natural selfies and photographs of himself and some of his celebrity friends.

The Emmy Award winner has a keen eye for shooting subjects in a triumphant way which reveals powerful displays of passion especially in today’s time.

Some celebrities on hand were Dominique Perry (“Tasha”, Insecure), Aldis Hodge (“Noah”, Underground), and Carlton Jordan (producer, writer Ghetto Plainsman, Love Handles)

Ali LeRoi

Self Portrait

“I see people. I don’t think people see me.

I feel alone in crowds.

I connect with others through my isolation.

They break through my isolation with connection.

I see people who don’t always know they are being seen.

I see them because I am them.

She makes me think of my mother.

He reminds me of my father.

That could be me.

I function as an adult though I move through the world as a child.

In every photograph I make of others

I look for answers to a question

I never got to ask my mother,

I never got to ask my father,

A question I’m always asking of myself;

Who Are You?”