Drake has once again proven that he is the leading rap superstar and owns the Billboard charts. The “In My Feelings” singer who has inspired a new dance craze on social media just broke the Beatles record that was set in 1964 and continued for 54 years by posting seven simultaneous singles on Billboard Top 10

The Beatles set the record in 1964 with five singles landing in the Top 10. The British band is still “the only act to monopolize the Hot 100’s entire top five in a week,” according to Billboard.

Drake’s rankings are as follows: “Nice for What” at No. 1; “Nonstop” at No. 2; “God’s Plan” at No. 4; “In My Feelings” at No. 6; “I’m Upset” at No. 7; “Emotionless” at No. 8; and “Don’t Matter to Me,” featuring Michael Jackson, at No. 9.