If you haven’t heard about Quincy Jones epic “tell em’ how you really feel” interview published on February 7th, in Vulture Magazine by now, you’ll need to reevaluate your life priorities. In the interview the legendary producer spilled the beans and had some pretty unapologetic opinions including calling the Beatles the “worst musicians in the world”. Claiming that Jimi Hendrix was “nervous to play” with great musicians. Insinuating that Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando had a sexual relationship. Exposing knowledge of JFK murder and who did it. Jones, even revealed that the King of Pop himself was a “greedy” musical thief.

In the interview, Jones accused Michael Jackson of stealing the bass line from Donna Summer’s 1982 single ‘State of Independence’ for ‘Billie Jean’, both of which Quincy Jones produced around the same period.

This particular claim caused a frenzy on music streaming services, resulting in a surge of more than 150,000 video and audio streams in the U.S. during the 24-hour period following the publication of the interview.

I guess Donna Summer and her estate were the big winners in this situation.