Bagging the Best Director and Best Actor awards for the comedy series “Atlanta,” Donald Glover made history in the 69th Emmy Awards by being the first black man to win an award for directing a comedy series, and the first black man since 1985 to win an Emmy for lead acting in a comedy series.

“This really belongs to Hiro Murai. He taught me everything about directing. He had the eye for this show and he’s just amazing. I really want to give this to Hiro and just say, ‘I love you and thank you for being my best friend,” Glover said in his acceptance speech for the Best Director award.

After thanking the academy in his Best Actor speech, Glover then revealed that he and his partner Michelle, are expecting another child. “I want to thank my unborn son, who’s listening to Stevie tonight.”

“I want to thank Trump for making black people number one on the most oppressed list. He’s the reason I’m probably up here,” he added.

Glover plays Earnest “Earn” Marks in Atlanta, a dad and a college dropout whose cousin becomes a famous rapper. The second season of the hit comedy series is set to air in 2018.