Associated Press, is reporting that superstar comedienne Dave Chappelle is facing legal issues after a man has claimed that he was allegedly assaulted in 2015 at one of Chapelle’s comedy shows.

According to court documents filed on March 30, Chapelle and his bodyguard are being accused by Christian Englander, who was in attendance at the show for being assaulted by Chapelle’s bodyguard.

At the 2015 show in question, Englander threw a banana peel onstage at Chapelle because he was upset with a joke that Chappelle had made. Englander, also stated that there was no racial motivation behind the banana peel.

Charges were brought up for disturbing the peace and battery but later dropped by Chapelle. Now, the attendee is saying is accusing Chappelle’s bodyguard of hitting him twice, while he was being escorted out the show. Englander claims the assault was not included in the police report.

What are your thoughts on celebrities being attacked and then being sued for either having someone defend them or defending themselves?