Today at the Al Rucker Show, Darryl Wilson Jr, known for being a sought after wedding/event planner, a passionate, talented person will open your eyes what a man can do in a female driven business! He states, “My style is very classic. But I’ve always tried to not keep up with the trance book, kind of create my own trends when it comes to planning. I do believe in my heart, no matter what a girl’s budget is that she should have the way you never dreams.” Turning a simple wedding plan to a magical, beautiful piece of art.

Born and raised in a small town of East St. Louis, Illinois, Darryl proudly says he came from a big, supportive and loving family. At a tender age of 15, he already knew what he wants to become. “College was not the first priority on my list because I always knew I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I kind of learn business through the street of East St. Louis and through my family.” His tremendous love for his mom is one of kind. His talent was first tested and honed when he did his mom’s wedding. “I was able to surprise her with a lot of things, things that budget wouldn’t allow and then her reaction from that was, it was a different feeling. It was magical for her.”

Outlining every single detail of a wedding is expensive these days. Darryl said, “I’d still kinda amaze myself that I’ve been able to create magic with $10,000 as much magic as I created with $350,000 budget. So in my smaller budget weddings I’m able to caress a little bit more and add as much detail and those are the ones that make magazines.” He also added, “Small things, small budgets allow you to be the creator.”

Working with amazing, high profile planners that have actually become his mentors, he widens his expertise in organizing events and discovered what he can give more to the community. Dedicating himself to the couples he works with in making that dream wedding come true! “Coz every girl and I hate to sound cheesy or cliché but to me every girl is a celebrity and that’s what I love to do.” He also stated, “I ‘m very involved in the process from start to finish.”

Diann Valentine is one of his biggest inspirations. He looks up to her for the undying support that Diann is giving her. He also said, “I take inspiration from the smallest thing, I could be literally driving down the streets and I see something that reminds me of a client.” And he added, “Love is love and I get to celebrate it every day and I didn’t choose this industry, it chose me.”

In order to become a model, you need to consider a lot of things. You have to look balanced and proportionate. You also need to have that extra ordinary beauty that stands out and being young is a major factor to get accepted. The gorgeous. Ms Jabrecia Williams, founder of the counsel of food wine and fashion has her own version of how to become a model, which leads her changing the concept of the modelling industry. “The purpose behind the event is really about diversity; we want to diversify all three of those industries not because our organization is different as for as the name, but also by ethnicity and by the size of our model as well.”


“I used to be in a modelling industry for a while. One of the things that I saw that needed to be change was one; we didn’t have a lot of African Americans on the runway. Tow, we didn’t have any plus size models until now. We didn’t see African American, Latino’s in the forefront when it comes to those industries.” She hopes to open a platform that breaks the stereotypical idea of a model.

“I guess the stereotype has been for a long time, that a certain color or a certain race is beautiful more than others.”

Designers and editors want a woman who has something about her that stands out and looks different. “As for plus size models most fashion designers actually their samples range from size zero to four, and an average woman size is about 8 to 10 now and so most designers they are like okay, it’s too much material or we don’t want to have to put that particular person on stage coz it might not be satisfying to the eye. That’s what we want to change the stereotype impression of the models.

She believes that through this event, every woman, with a plus size shape, will be taken seriously. Encouraging others to join her on the 13th of Sept., at Belvedere Uptown Park, of which not only promotes their product but at the same time boosts equality and acceptance.

Every couple engage to be married or planning to tie a knot, only wants a remarkable wedding experience to say the least. Exchanging I do’s will never be sweeter when your dream wedding becomes a reality!