Danielle Herrington has become only the third black woman to shine on the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Beyoncé appeared on the cover in 2007. Tyra Banks was the first and was on the cover model in 1996 and 1997.

The Compton, California first appeared in the magazine’s swimsuit issue last year. Herrington, who now lives in Brooklyn said that she knew she wanted to become a model after seeing Tyra Banks on the cover.

Tyra Banks spoke to Danielle via a surprise video this morning on Good Morning America. Banks obviously emotional about the accomplishment of the 24-year-old, told Herrington that “There are so many people telling little girls that look like us that we’re not good enough, and that we can’t achieve our goals, but by looking at me back in the day and looking at you right now. You are the living embodiment to say that dreams do come true.”

Tyra later posted on her instagram “Go go go, Danielle! Make TyTy proud!” And commented on Danielle’ s post “The torch is now in your hands, Danielle. Run!!!”