CVS Health fired two employees at a Chicago area store on Monday, just days after a black woman posted a video that she said showed one of them — a white man — calling the police after she tried to use a coupon they believed to be fraudulent.

The drugstore company also said it had apologized to the woman, Camilla Hudson.

In a post with the video on Facebook, Ms. Hudson said that the confrontation involved two managers during her visit to the store on Friday night.

She said she had tried to make a purchase with a coupon mailed to her by the product manufacturer, but a manager said he thought it was fake. Her photo of the coupon showed a December 2018 expiration date and indicated it was good for up to $17.99 toward a personal medical item.

Eventually, she said, the manager walked away, and when she followed him “he ran to the back of the store and slammed a door in my face.” Then, she said, another manager arrived to tell her to leave because he had called the police.

The video shows an employee, who identifies himself to the police as Morry Matson, on the phone describing Ms. Hudson, as his arm shakes.


[Photo Credit:  ABC News/ YouTube]