CrystalPowellHanding comedian Crystal Powell a mic is like lighting a fuse under a power keg. The results are explosive! Born in Tyler, Texas and raised in the small country town of Tatum, Powell proudly embraces her roots as a down-home girl with a heart as big as her dreams.

She is best known by fans as a bright star picked from the luminous lights of Los Angeles. From L.A to Houston, the comedy world welcomes the remarkable humorist who dispenses edgy and endearingly silly comedy inspired by Whoopi Goldberg, Eddie Murphy, Lily Tomlin and Carol Burnett. When Crystal hits the stage she paints vivid pictures of real life with broad strokes, making every audience part of her canvas and each set a masterpiece of stand-up comedy. Her performances are accented by the earnest zeal with which she tackles every project and the memories of her mother that embolden her passion. Crystal fearlessly wears her heart on her sleeve. The sexy raw honesty that emanates suits her. Packed venues eagerly try it on for size each time she hits the stage at L.A’s Laugh Factory: the San Diego Civic Center, and Los Angeles, Ontario, Palm Beach, Arlington and Houston Improvs.

The savvy Prairie View A&M University graduate earned the moniker triple threat by adding accomplished actor and singer to her impressive dossier, snagging roles in the critically acclaimed film “Ball Don’t Lie” and making guest appearances on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. Powell caught the eye of Houston’s premier entertainment management company Sol-Caritas earning a coveted spot as one of its “Houston’s All-Stars of Comedy.” She has already parlayed the opportunity into a comedic conquest: Producing her own monthly “All-Star” production at the renowned Arlington Improv.

Powell works hard to make good on personal promises by charging them to the game of comedy. She plans to put her personal artistic stamp on the big screen as a writer and producer. She also aims to show the world comedy and entertainment has broken free of gender biases, declaring, “Women are just as funny as men and they have a lot to say”. And this multi-faceted artist whose greatest loves are simply laughter, good food and family is definitely worth listening to.