Happily Fit Wife, Mom & Coach

For me things started out pretty normal in the department of weight and my relationship with food.  I was a pretty skinny, active, and happy child growing up and I could pretty much eat anything (although my mom prepared mostly healthy food) without any worry of weight gain.

After leaving for college things started to change.  I feasted on the typical snack bar fare but unlike when I was home, the food choices I made began to show up on my body.

Throughout my time at college and my years as a young professional I struggled with my weight and eventually my relationship with food.  I tried plenty of diets and exercised a ton.  I was able to lose weight relatively easy at first but I couldn’t manage to KEEP the weight off.

Sure on the outside I LOOKED great but there was this constant underlying fear that with just a few skipped gym sessions or too many nights of dessert (which I love by the way) that it could all be gone and I could be that overweight woman squeezing into her clothes again.

My fear was rooted in the fact that despite being a fitness professional who had a few fitness competitions under her belt I was always losing and gaining 10-20 pounds because my approach was not optimal for having a life OUTSIDE OF THE GYM.

When my son AJ was born, I knew something had to change.

I was not going back to being overweight and I was done having my weight management plan run the rest of my life.

I wanted to enjoy romantic dinners with my husband without worrying about whether or not it was my cheat day.

I wanted to enjoy a spontaneous ice cream cone with my son without feeling that I needed to go burn it off when we were done.

I wanted a hassle free way to attain and maintain my weight loss goals!

It took lots of trial and error but I eventually created No Fuss Fitness and now I am finally the happily fit wife, mom, and coach that I always knew I could be.

I have made it my mission to find and help as many women who are like I was- STUCK between settling for the body that you have or giving up the life that you love.