Complaining of having ‘extreme emotional distress’ in a 2015 concert incident, Chris Brown sued Filipino concert organizer Jose Victor Los Banos Biongco after the businessman forced him to pay $300,000 to his trust fund for “canceling show.”

According to Brown, he had to postpone his New Year’s Eve concert in 2014 due to ‘misplaced’ passport, but he then moved the event in 2015 and performed on schedule.

The 28-year-old singer shared when he was about to leave the hotel the next day, a group of armed men blocked his exit and the arena’s lawyer told him he will get arrested unless he pays $300,000 to Biongco’s trust fund.

Refusing to pay, Brown seeked help from an immigration lawyer and left the country with clearance. However, Brown said Biongco’s team continuously contacted him through text message, still asking for the money.