Black Panther sensation Chadwick Boseman and hip-hop’s new darling Cardi B shined on this past week on Saturday Night Live.

There were many moments that were great including Alec Baldwin in his reprise of Donald Trump and SNL cast member Aidy Bryant as “Aidy B” a Cardi B inspired take no mess employee of SNL.

However, it was Chadwick Boseman “Black Jeopardy” skit and Cardi B’s pregnancy revealing performance that owned the night.

“Black Jeopardy,” which stars Kenan Thompson as the game show’s host, Darnell Hayes. Kicking off the show by stating “this might be the blackest ‘Black Jeopardy’ yet”.

Categories included “Fid’na,” “Aw Hell Naw” and “White People,” among others. The contestants were Leslie Jones as Shanice, Chris Redd as Rashad — and Boseman as his “Black Panther” character, T’Challa, the king of a fictional, quasi-utopian, all-black African nation called Wakanda.

After several flubbed questions T’Challa finally got the hang of it and answered one question correctly in the category of “White People”. Check out the video

Hip-hop sensation Card B who just released her album Invasion of Privacy performed her emotional song “Be Careful” and revealed her baby bump in the second verse as the SNL camera panned down. The starlet is engaged to popular rapper Offset of the Migos and they are expecting their first child.

Many are crediting Cardi B for keeping her power and revealing her pregnancy on her own terms especially for a woman in the male dominated entertainment industry.