Born Caitlyn Christian Amari Price, this pint size 8 year old is as bright as a star can shine. A native of Bogalusa, Louisiana, CeCe as she is affectionately known by her fans has been performing since the age of 3. This natural born comedic actress is a social network superstar. Her Instagram post has become legendary and recently caught the attention of Kevin Hart, Tamar Braxton, and Sherrie Sheppard, who have all admitted to being huge fans of CeCe’s. CeCe has been interviewed by radio shows from Philly to Los Angeles and recently was featured on the Fox News Channel about her rising popularity. That popularity landed her on the front page of the Daily Newpaper in her hometown as well. Then there’s the all new CeCe Show which will be a sketch comedy featuring longer versions of the skits that have made her a social network superstar. CeCe is professional.

Indeed CeCe is a normal child who is blessed with an enormous talent. She enjoys watching Disney channel’s A.N.T. Farm and Jessie as well as playing with her friends while dancing and singing. CeCe says her favorite things are the color pink, eating Starburst, pizza, cereal and making people laugh. She says the only things she don’t like is eating grits and going to bed early. As we noted she’s your typical five year old trapped inside a superstar’s body. Watch out world Cece is on her way.