Unlike most gyms, Excuse Free Fitness offers health and wellness programs that are accessible to all. There’s no such thing as a “handicap” in our book. Given the personal journey of owner Caprice O’Bryant, she’s able to work with a truly diverse group of people who are ready to take full control of their lives no matter what may have been in the way before.

Any given day, you’ll see Caprice training deaf clients (she had to learn sign language when she couldn’t speak), clients with down syndrome, clients who just learned how to walk (she went through that), as well as others who have never stepped into a gym and those who go every day. Living by the ‘excuse free’ mantra, Excuse Free Fitness works with all members, setting personal goals and always providing motivation and encouragement while empowering them to strive for a wholesome and balanced life, inside and out. We have one life to live – let nothing get in the way of wellness.

Mission: Excuse Free Fitness health and wellness center is designed to offer clients a unique, fun, and memorable experience every time they walk through our doors. Our goal is to strengthen the health of our communities by providing elite coaches, affordable prices, and life changing results!

Vision: To build an empire that provides the necessary knowledge and guidance to ready, willing, and dedicated individuals to overcome their obstacles, develop their strengths and dominate their goals!



2016 Small Business of the Year