Initiated by nonprofit advocacy groups Free Speech for People and RootsAction, an online petition to oust US President Donald Trump has been receiving more support since it was launched on the day of the President’s inauguration, January 20.


As of noon on February 7, the said campaign has already garnered 655,363  signatures.


However, while Trump has reached a historically high disapproval rating of 53 percent for a newly elected president, these factors are still not enough for him to leave the presidency. The Congress would have to find him guilty of treason, bribery, or “other high crimes and misdemeanors,” and not just because the people disliked him.


With that, the impeachment campaign’s main argument focused on Trump’s “unprecedented conflicts of interest.”


The organizers look for more supporters to sign the petition in order to convince the Congress to investigate grounds for the President’s impeachment. The campaign site promises to regularly update the signature count as it gains more following.