Police officers wearing new cameras by Axon, the U.S.’s largest body camera supplier, will soon be able to send live video from their cameras back to base and elsewhere, potentially enhancing officers’ situational awareness and expanding police surveillance.

Rick Smith, Axon’s founder and CEO, has said live-streaming could improve the safety of the public and first responders, especially during emergencies. “Particularly, in these kinds of events like the Boston Marathon [bombing], or the Paris attacks, people aren’t able to start accessing that information until later,” he said in a 2016 interview. “We think that we can bring that to more and more real time.”

Axon plans to test the device, the Axon Body 3, with a group of agencies early next year and ship to U.S. customers in the summer. (The initial price of $699 doesn’t include other costs, like a subscription to Axon’s Evidence.com data management system.) A built-in antenna transmits HD video over dedicated 4G LTE cellular networks, while another feature triggers the camera to start recording and alerts command staff once an officer has fired their weapon, a possible corrective to the problem of officers forgetting to switch them on.

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