Bobsledder (SPORTS) Jazmine Fenlator Representation image

U.S. Olympian Bobsledder Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian became emotional during a press conference explaining that it is important for youth to see people of color in events like bobsledding.

The New Jersey native representing her father’s home country Jamaica at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, was asked about the representation of black athletes at the games. “It’s important to me,” she answered, “that little girls and little boys see someone that looks like them, talks like them, has the same culture as them, has crazy, curly hair and wears it natural, has brown skin, included in different things in this world. When you grow up and you don’t see that, you feel that you can’t do it. And that is not right.”

Fenlator-Victorian’s is amongst the 40 plus black Olympians competing in South Korea. The Olympian joins her Jamaican bobsled team along with Nigeria making history as the first women’s teams in the event to qualify for their countries in the event.