It seems as if the most memorable event in Super Bowl history will never be the actual game. After 14 years Janet Jackson half-time performance still ranks as the biggest moment in the sporting event. However, with Justin Timberlake hitting the stage thousands of Janet Jackson fans still feel as though Janet career suffered because of “nipplegate”. Justin infamously did not come to Jackson defense during the controversy. Many expressed concerns about white entitlement and felt as though Justin owed the pop icon an apology.

Many have also expressed how much they wanted to see Timberlake bring out international superstar Janet Jackson during his half-time stint. But, Jackson took to social media and denied all rumors of her performing.

That’s when “Black Twitter” stepped in launching a full-out celebration of Jackson on the same day as the Super Bowl in protest of Timberlake performing at half-time. Declaring, it Janet Jackson Appreciation Day”. The online celebration was started by former NFL player and filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry.

Check out some of the “Janet Jackson Appreciation Day” tweets below.

(ENTERTAINMENT) Janet Jackson Appreciation Day Tweets

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