Seay & Felton Trial Attorneys, LLC a Black owned law firm has set a record $1 billion in a rape case that was taken on by the firm.

  1. Chris Stewart, managing partner at Stewart, Seay & Felton Trial Attorneys, LLC represented Hope Cheston, a 14-year-old girl who was raped in Georgia by Brandon Lamar Zachary in 2012. Zachary was a security guard for the apartment complex that Cheston was assaulted at.

“There is no ceiling on the value of a woman who has been raped. Period. Just because you don’t see the scars doesn’t mean she’s healed,” said Stewart.

Zachary, was sentence to 20 years in prison for his attack. The law firm is aware that he does not have a net worth of $1 billion but thought it’s the sentiment that matter.

“I don’t care if we ever recover a dime, it’s what it stands for,” he said. “This verdict stands for the value of victims of rape and sends a message to those responsible,” Stewarts said. “We pay hundreds of millions of dollars to athletes. Social media apps are worth billions, yet rape isn’t.”

The Crime Prevention Agency was held liable for the damages. The law firm found out that Zachary should not have been hired as he was not licensed.

“I feel like my case is just to show that you may not get it immediately, but you will get what you’re worth,” Cheston, who’s now 20, told the Associated Press. “This shows that people do care about the worth of a woman.”