Music’s royal couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z hosted an exclusive after Oscar party that was one for the books. The event was extremely exclusive and elusive no red carpet or photographers. In fact, the only people that posted photographs were celebrities on their Instagram’s.  With Beyonce’s latest song exclaiming that you need a non-disclosure to party with her the event must have been very elusive to the general public.  However, Page Six, broke the news.

“Close friends with Jay … didn’t even know if they were invited,” said an insider told Page Six. “They wanted to mind-f–k everyone and keep everything mysterious and exclusive.”

Held at the Chateau Marmont’s garage, the 200 invited guests were welcomed to a casino-themed space.  “It took some masterful maneuvers to pull this off, and they enjoyed it so much, they want to make it annual, keeping it as much on the ‘DL’ as possible.”

Check some of the “Black Hollywood” elite pictures posted on Instagram below.