Image Courtesy of BET Networks

BET’s new series “In Contempt” a New York City based hour long legal drama will feature “Survivor’s Remorse” star Erica Ash as the lead. The show will focus on the life of non-profit attorneys fighting for the injustices of society. “In Contempt” premieres April 10 at 10PM ET.

The series follows Gwen Sullivan, played by Ash. Ash’s character is feisty and a driven attorney who has an extreme passion for protecting the ‘average Joe”. Throughout the show you will see her character balance work life and the complexities of home life as well.

Created by showrunner Terri Kopp, a former member of the Legal Aid Society in Manhattan, the cast also includes Charlie (Christian Keys), the undeserving but still newly appointed supervisor who also happens to be Gwen’s ex-boyfriend; snarky, seductive attorney Tracy (Megan Hutchings); the rookie without a clue Vanessa (Mouna Traor√©); cocky and resilient prosecutor A.D.A E.J. DaShay (Ronnie Rowe Jr.); Gwen’s father and former elite attorney Earl Sullivan (Richard Lawson); Gwen’s former law professor and the “one that got away” Bennett (Tobias Truvillion).