Benny Andrews likes to act and be behind the camera directing the work. He has a smile that lights up the room and he laughs easily. He is a good looking guy and he carries himself with ease. He is self-assured and he exudes warmth. In high school, Benny started out as an athlete, but quickly realized that it wasn’t the path he wanted to take and joined choir and the acting club. Benny was also displaced by Katrina, but he has lived in Los Angeles, where he was a hip hop dancer and choreographer and even choreographed a video for Beyonce. But, he also realized that hip hop wasn’t his first love, so he came back to be with his family and sold cars while he waited for Leah to write and need his directing abilities.
Benny is married with two kids and he has always practiced safe sex, except with his wife, so he feels this is an important film.