Continuing a commitment to promoting the next generation of global superstars, preeminent artist-first music streaming platform Audiomack reveals a new emerging artist program called #UPNow.
As part of this contest, Audiomack selects a minimum of three artists per quarter across all genres. These acts will receive specialized marketing, editorial programming, social promotion, playlisting, custom videos, and experiential events. They will ultimately leverage the full benefit of the platform’s powerful creator-friendly ecosystem. #UpNow ignites another new era for Audiomack and the culture at large.
Senior Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy, Jason Johnson, commented, “For the last seven years, Audiomack has been a music discovery platform for emerging artists to connect directly to their fans and promote their music globally. We worked with some of the top global superstars earlier in their careers such as Chance The Rapper, Migos, and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, to name a few where we provided them trending, playlisting, content, and marketing support before other DSPs. As we grow as a streaming platform servicing artists at all levels, we will continue to be an incubator for emerging talent and a place for fans to discover the next big superstar. What’s up next in culture is actually what’s #UPNow on Audiomack.”
Kicking off the program, Audiomack reveals Rod Wave as the first #UpNow artist. Already, the St. Petersburg native has amassed 300 million-plus plays and clinched a spot in the Top 5 “Most Searched Artists” for the past five months on the platform. He stars on the cover of the #UpNow playlist, which serves as the hub for program acts.
“Rod embodies #UpNow,” added Johnson. “He’s already proven himself as a formidable voice, and we’re excited to amplify that voice as much as possible.”
Rod said, “Coming from where I come from, we don’t take support for granted. Audiomack has been helping me get my music out there from the very beginning before people really knew who I was. Continuing to work together with them is part of staying true to my core fans as I take the next step of the journey.”
Stay tuned for more from Audiomack soon!