Art McElroy and Jacqueline Bostic Co-Founders

Art McElroy and Jacqueline Bostic are the dynamic technology duo behind the It’s Biblical!™ app, and they have provided a non-traditional,comprehensible, and awesome platform, helping the masses to understand the Bible one click at a time. For them, It’s Biblical!™ is more than just an app, but it is a ministry. McElroy, through his uniquely collaborative style and approach to the Gospel, shares God’s message of grace and love with all people regardless of faith, race, or gender. Appreciating the life that God has given him over twelve years ago, McElroy was inspired to develop a nontraditional approach that increases the world’s consciousness of Jesus Christ. As a result, in June of 2011, he founded and created The Penuel Group Inc. ™. Bostic is the perfect partner in business, as she shares the same love of Christ as McElroy. The It’s Biblical!™ partnership under The Penuel Group was a win-win for both. The Peneul Group Inc. ™ encompasses several entities that are all designed to transform the hearts and minds of many into the realized promises of love and grace, no matter the level of maturity of one’s faith.

Its Biblical Poster

The Peneul Group Inc. ™ is comprised of:

  • It’s Biblical!™ – a Bible search trivia game
  • A Christian’s Conversation™ – an interactive multi-author blog that facilitates
    biblically-based dialogue on all subjects of life
  • My Righteous Wear™ – hip and trendy Christian apparel and accessories intended
    to drive self-expression of one’s love for Christ
  • The Melchizedek Experience™ – a world-wide nonprofit organization that
    helps develop spiritual, social, and economic unity through collaboration

McElroy and Bostic both have an impressive resume outside of this great technology endeavor. McElroy, originally from Port Arthur, Texas, is a proud graduate of Prairie View A&M University with a BBA in Business Administration. He has always strived for excellence, having a 20 year successful career in the healthcare market. Bostic is no stranger to achievement as well, and she is the great-great granddaughter of the well-known Jack Yates, pastor of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Houston’s first African-American Baptist church. Bostic holds a BBA in Marketing from Texas Southern University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Thurgood Marshall School of Law. In addition to owning and operating her own successful legal practice, J.F. Bostic & Associates, she is the creator and host of the She Empowers Others Radio Show on MJWJ Global Radio Network. Together, McElroy and Bostic have not only created this tech savvy invention for business, but as a ministry.

Their mission through It’s Biblical!™ is to mature and grow individuals in the word of God. They feel that praise and worship is predicated on the level of knowledge of God. By teaching Christ and Christ alone, they hope to share in His realized promises of love and grace. Their purpose is to be all inclusive regardless of faith, race, and gender. And just as they are perfect partners in business, they are also perfect partners in love, as they will become one in marriage very soon.

It’s Biblical!™