A strong person is a product of different circumstances. And we are using our own experience, may it be a good or a bad one, to do well out of it. We don’t want to let a certain situation defines us. For most us, it becomes a trail of a definite path to success. Andrea Everline has an interesting story to tell. Hailing from Houston, Texas, the sixth born of nine to Johnnie Faye and Ronald Anthony, Ms. Everline was raised in a home surrounded by enormous love and supportive family. But at the tender age of 13, a life changing event took place that later on altered her life and the life of their family. Her mother’s long battle of breast cancer ended after a decade.

As her life continues to prosper, she discovered her passion in basketball and eventually started to make her way to motherhood. In 2008, the love and support she gleaned growing up from her family had her established Andrea’s Hope, bridging the gap in the Homeless community.Andrea continues to serve America’s Homeless as she is committed to building the strength and upholding the foundation of the community.

Andrea Everline believes that, “Alone we can accomplish great things, but when we come together we make the real impact.” Thus, R3FUEL came to life in 2015. Her prime objective for this program is to culminate and cultivate healing through art and fitness. While her clientele range from regal women to unemployed men Ms. Everline really shows her work ethic and unwavering follow through. Apparently, motherhood is her most victorious part in all her endeavor. She enjoys life’s best with her son, raising him to be a good, responsible man. She definitely empowers the people around her that make her become an inspiration to everyone. Andrea’s faith, love, and hope are proof that anything is possible and she is ready to better the world in all she touches.