Alton-Sterling-and-Philando-Castile---Al-Rucker-ShowOur community is mourning for the death of Alton Sterling, 37 and Philando Castile, 32, as the two were shot dead by police officers, in Baton Rouge Tuesday and on Wednesday in Minneapolis respectively.

These shootings continue to fuel the outrage of the black community, especially those who front line the community, in seeking for justice. These killings only exhibit a never ending battle of racial biases.

The aftermath has drawn dreadful opinions, widely disseminated in social media, and televisions. The question of the many, will they get the justice they deserve? Will the local and national government take immediate actions to get to the bottom of this?


Treating people in way that only favors to the race, color and power doesn’t change the fact that we are still living in a world, only several people gets to embrace a decent, peaceful life. It’s a sad truth, that we can only ask ourselves, how long we will endure such inequality.

Police officers are to maintain law and order. Protect its people. But some of the police officers nowadays are taking their role to certain a level. They are now using their position and weapon, taking justice in their own hands, with their irrational and inhumane judgement.

philando-castile-shootingThis is a serious problem, taking its toll to innocent people. To live in fear means uncertainty for your welfare as well as for your family that suck out the life of an individual. The long list of police brutality should be stop. It should end in no time. Let the voice be heard. Let’s make a stand.

Today’s show as we have Houston Activists Deric MuhammadAJ McQueen, Atty. Glen Austin, and Shekira Dennis we will discuss if Alton Sterling and Philando Castile will receive the justice they deserve. Join us LIVE  from 1-2pm here at The Al Rucker Show.