The senior pastor of a church in Alabama destroyed his own Nike gear during a sermon in which he criticized the sports brand’s advertising deal with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The Rev. Mack Morris cut up his Nike headband and sweatband during his address at Woodridge Baptist Church in Mobile on Sunday, per multiple media reports.

“The first pair of jogging shoes I wore were Nike jogging shoes,” said Morris. “That was in the early ’80s. I’ve been wearing Nike jogging shoes since 1980. I got news for you, I bought my last pair of Nike shoes.”

Morris then used scissors to chop up his sweatband and headband. He tossed them to one side to cheers and clapping from the congregation.

“I ain’t using that no more,” Morris added. He further explained:

“Colin Kaepernick. He’s just inked a contract with Nike. Nobody knows and nobody’s telling how many multi-millions of dollars that is going to be simply because he does not want to stand when the national anthem is being sung.”

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