KiarapicKiara Craft is much more than a vocalist; she’s a devoted wife, mother of two, businesswoman, and a sister to many. Most of all, she’s a woman with a dream of sharing, and in-viting others to join her, on a transparent journey through music, life, and love. Born in the City of Lights, and raised in Houston, Texas, Kiara hails from musical roots that run deep.  Her mother was a singer/songwriter, performing in a girl group and working with renowned classic R&B group, The Platters.  Music has always been a major factor in Kiara’s life.  She took on music management, working with some of the artists her husband produced, publishing, and vocal coaching–advising artists to keep pushing to realize their goals. But, she realized she wasn’t living in her own truth. Now, with the support of her family—including Kiara’s mother, friends and a growing digital community of fans and supporters, Kiara decided to give up her life of suburbia- bliss, taking her family on a journey of dream pursuit.  Today the Crafts are ALL IN, taking their dreams back with new music and production, an exciting new project, and Kiara’s inspiring message that there is no expiration on your heart’s desire– you can in fact come back to your dream and make it a reality.  Crafts current single “sophisticated freak” is an ode to the grown and sexy R&B fan and is sure to be a fan favorite.

Kiara Craft:

LaQuita Lusk is a special education teacher turned playwright. She is a graduate of Houston Baptist University and has turned to Laquita Luskplaywriting as a medium to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Ironically, she hated going to church as a child, but just as grace would have it God wouldn’t let her go. In the summer of 2009, LaQuita had a personal encounter with God which set her on a new path of life. Ever since, she has been sharing the message of Christ with other women, in hopes that their life would change just as hers had.In 2014, LaQuita’s faith and strong spirit prompted her to start a discipleship program for women called Bad Girls Rehab. This project was an extension of a devotional she wrote for the YouVersion Bible App. This play is LaQuita’s pursuit of showing women the grace of God.

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