It’s an all-boys party at Amazing 102 FM this Friday as Al Rucker, Seven, and returning guest Sabir Bey light up the afternoon with information, interviews, and in-between laughters.

With Hurricane Harvey around the corner, the trio kicked off the show with a humorous tip and preparations for the storm before going over some football talk. Mother Nature seems threatening as Al shared how it put people on panic mode. Meanwhile, Seven gave tips such as using your car as a generator so whatever you need to be charged or needs power can be powered by your car.

Just like the impending typhoon, Lynn Whitfield took the studio by storm as the Greenleaf star spared some time for a phone interview with Al. Whitfield talked about the layers of her character Lady Mae, how is it like working with Oprah, and her sentiments about the show and the fan’s reception of it. Aside from Greenleaf, the actress also wished everyone’s safety for the incoming typhoon. After the phone interview which left co-host Seven on a fan boy mode, the three continued discussing Sabir Bey’s film Abandonment Case.

“The film is basically surrounding a young sister who grew up with a father mother that was on drugs. The mother died and Hawthorne James, playing the father, went to jail,” Sabir said. Speaking with main actor Hawthorne James, Sabir highlighted James’ performance on the film and how they learned from each other throughout the movie’s production.

In between jokes and a trip to Brazil promo, the three forwarded to Al’s favorite segment “Hot Topics” and read letters from the listeners. Sharing a good laugh and some serious advices, Al, Seven and Sabir took time to help solve the dilemmas of the letter senders in wit and sense.