Choosing between a scrumptious bacon cheeseburger and a healthy lifestyle could really be tricky—especially if your all-time favorite fast-food chain teases you with an otherworldly gastronomical delight. While dieting remains to be one heck of a challenge for us, the challenge in the fitness field doubles. Fitness gyms and trainers are now scattered both in our physical and online world. They may offer different platforms and activities but one thing is for sure: They help us achieve the healthier versions of ourselves.

Finishing a Kinesiology degree at Jehovah’s Christian College, today’s first guest, Royce Thomas, shared his expertise on fitness training. He was the Director and Coordinator of Higher Dimension Church’s Fitness and Recreation program. Thomas, who works as the trainer for various clients which included the Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, and Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority, has been in the industry for over 15 years.

“My main thing is corporate training. You know, I like to work with different companies and help their employees, attain their goals. Also working side-by-side with those companies, hopefully helping lower the benefit cost per employee and also for employer,” the current Champion Energy corporate trainer shared. According to him, being a corporate trainer sets him apart from the normalcy of personal trainers because one must have a certain type of education and background, and in addition, it allows him to help people on a grander scale.

Thomas discussed the changes a proper mindset entails and how it gave him and his clients more confidence. Speaking further of his clients, Thomas shared handling difficulties for his adult students, and fun workout experiences with the kids who never run out of energies. He also shared some basic workout regimen for the parents and their children, along with discipline in eating to fight obesity among kids in Texas.

On aspiring trainers, Thomas left an important note, “Your time’s gonna come, so believe in yourself … don’t give up because the next client you have could be the next client that could help catapult your business so, yeah, just sticking with it, don’t give up, and persevere.”

After talking about body strength, the next guests of the Al Rucker Show introduced one of the quite popular powers nowadays—women empowerment. Sisters in Power co-founders Tiana Jones and Leonni Prince, together with two of their panel members Aventer Gray and Wendi J. Turner, invited everyone to S.I.P. with them on November 12 in their women’s event.

Jones gave an overview about the event that will have five panel members including VIP guest Gray and author Turner, and covering topics like business, politics, and relationships, to name a few. “You’ll get the chance to meet the people that you see on TV, you’ll get the chance to meet people that you’ve read about, that you’ve read their books and kind of have a personal conversation with them and get advice from them and be able to share your own testimony so that way, you would be able to help someone else that you may not know,” Prince encourages.

Gray and Turner unraveled a side of their spiritual life and womanhood that they plan to share deeper with the other women they will meet in the event. “Womanhood is so dear to my heart so to be able to cover in prayer to meet with people … to be able to bring them together is something that has always been dear to my heart. To make connections to feel like you can attain to be in the same space with another beautiful woman who is very successful in her right and kind of harness and bring ideals together that will make you feel empowered spiritually [and] emotionally,” Gray says.

On the other hand, Turner mentioned some of the hardships and trials women face today which include insecurities, self defeat, pain, depression, and lack of self worth. She also exclaimed “So many times, women are hurting and they don’t even understand the root and yet things about other women, sometimes they may see in themselves and they either repel it or they embrace it.”

Moreover, the ladies discussed overall support for the community and their goal to reach millions of women through Sisters in Power. “There’s just so many people hurting and that’s what we want to accomplish, to help people at the end of the day,” a hopeful Jones stated as she shared their goals to focus on.