In this episode, it will help us discover how a small act can make a difference. It tackles about how black athletes nowadays can make a stand amidst the competition, reputation and beliefs. This also honors the late Muhammad Ali who took a stand for what he believed in. Paying tribute to his huge contribution to the black community and to his country. In line with the self-improvement, we are also honored to have Marcus Bowers who never afraid to venture and explore his capacity to start his own business that became a household name. Later on in this episode, he will tell his story and how he becomes a huge motivating factor to this generation. LiL Darrel, our co-host for the day also shared how his talent as a comedian helped him in some ways how he became a huge part in other people’s lives.

Al, for his part, is also curious about how would it be if today’s top black athletes stood up and united for community situations the way those guys did back then, what needs to be done? Here are some of the points of views that his co-hosts bring to light.

If you take a stand on something, it could affect your livelihood. I don’t think people want to take those chances and it’s sad but it’s the truth. Everything is all about how much money i can get for this, how much you going to pay me to be here. Al added, “Todays athletes are more concerned about financial game versus social and freedom of speech.”

I think society is some of the biggest critics these days. And social media has taken to a different platform where if you do speak up is so easy for your words to get twisted or to get presented a totally different way. It makes people really scared to state their opinion or to even talk about certain things because they don’t know how it’s going to be portrayed.

One of the co-host asked, do you think that there’sgoing to be a change with the black athletes standing up and holding their banner of first? Al said, “I don’t see any. I think we have some that have the potential to change and I believe a Lebron can do it.” I think there’s a lot of issues that these athletes kind of shy away from because they don’t want it to be taken the wrong way.

Meanwhile, the death of Josue Flores was very disturbing. The helpless young kid was stabbed 20 times that eventually took his life. Killed by a 27 yr. old, former marine, Andre Timothy Jackson jr. was charged with murder. The killer is already in the hands of the authority. Co-host has said, “I think that if you have the death of a child, I think police are encouraged to try to hurry up and find a killer and I think after you’ve already placed one person, the wrong person and yet again you do it again. I feel like there’s so much more to the story. We are rushing things to please the public.”

Marcus, a comedian and naval air corps veteran is talking about the concept, the thought behind his company, She’s Happy Hair.

He then stated, “We always wanted to get that great customer service experience. I think a lot of people feel like customer service starts with the conversation. And it actually starts as soon as you walk in the door.  He even added, “Sometimes starting the palm of your hand. In social media they see what type of person you always have around; you represent what type of brain your brain actually is. We want that happy experience as soon as you walked in the door.”

Al asked Marcus, What’s the main drive in getting to this business? And he answered, “Graduating from college. Once you graduate to college your opportunities are endless.” He also added, “Once you get something that creates something you don’twant to go back you just jeep moving forward.” As we have noticed, getting a degree these days can be very challenging. You have to consider a lot of things. But if you are as tough as nails, getting one will surely open doors to possibilities. LiL Darrel inspired by his mom about going to school, he said, “I didn’t really like school. But you don’t have to like it, but you just gotta go.”

Marcus also pointed out, “With business degree, you can create your own job and create your own salary.  Which Lil Daryl has his own perspective about getting a communication degree, “If you can communicate then I know how to talk to your business people with money.”

This really melts our heart. Lil Daryl shared that his mom became his inspiration and a source of his great achievements. “So for me to see this woman (mother) go and knock it out three times and been doing with a smile on her face and I like to credit myself for that because I’m new to the best way through a lot of that pain and then illnesses, laughter so she had an advantage on having a comedian for a son.” He certainly made his mama proud!

When asked about his marketing strategy from a man point of view, trying to get across with the woman, this is what he interestingly said, “Sex sells. Women come in, they are amazed to see a young man that knows about the hair, knows what he’s talking about know the lingo.” These definitely work for him. Being in a business means innovation. If you do the same all over again, the result will still be the same. Unique concept and team work will not only secure your business but also secures your trust to other people.

For Lil Daryl, “I want to be considered a style of comedy.” When asked how he see himself five years from now. As for Marcus, “I’m hoping to attach my personal name, my experience. I just watch them succeed and I’m never going back to this, no clock in time there’s nothing wrong with you but I think once you get that bug you keep it. Just don’t think of going backwards I’m going to the top.”