The episode today of The Al Rucker Show is spiced up with comedy, politics and beauty tips! We are joined today by these empowered people that are ardent in the fields of their work and craft. A lot of things to learn engaging you in a wide spectrum of entertainment!

Rudy Rush is an American comedian the youngest host of the syndicated African American show, Showtime at the Apollo.He started when He was 19 and His vast experience and impromptu performance has helped him to achieve a show that can attract people across the country! A professional in comedy circuit, He believes that being humble and diligent are some of the key to a successful career.

He also got some extra broadcasting skills under his belt; He also suggests taking some comedy workshops to really equip you with all the knowledge in every performance. Currently, the highlight of his career is his kids and meeting people from different walks of life and by taking the lead.

He also dream of having his own syndicated show and would want to continue his approach in comedy. “That’s pretty much my style. Talk about life experience, things that I’ve been through. I like that you have fun and give a real perspective.”

Meanwhile, Lori Bartley is with us too to share her platforms as she is running for 18th congressional district for the US House of Representative. She believes that, “All that matters to me is helping to empower you to have the best life that you can have.” Get to know more her on this show and take a look on her views on advancing the community. She added, “Because at the end of the day, I’m going to stand on my principles, on my values and my morals. And I put the Bible first in my life and I am not an apologetic about being Christian.”

On this upcoming election, you will be enlightened by who to vote for and what are the things these candidates in store for the people that will benefit you and your children in the future. Take time to watch the show to make your vote worth it!

Sherrell Ogletree on the other hand of beauty mentoring, also graced the show with her beauty tips! She is a nurse by profession; she helps young girls9-18 years old who desperately need support who are marginalised due to their current situation in the society. Through their workshops and She helps them to boost their self-esteem and become an empowered individual.

She teaches them basics of life, how to be a leader, knowledge about entrepreneurship, health and fitness. She believes that helping others will make a huge difference in our society. She stated, “To empower girls from the inside out. You can be pretty on the outside but have the ugly attitude, don’t care about yourself or don’t love yourself.”