The family is one great gift. To see the people we love every day happy and in good health is already a compelling reward after all the hard work you’ve done for them. Our parent’s goal is to secure the future of their children. They want what’s best for us. They juggle and pursue any kinds of a job just to make both ends meet. Consequently, they missed some of the important events in their children’s lives. Unaware and preoccupied with a lot of things to deal with, our parents are sometimes misunderstood.

To give us a better understanding of how we can be an effective parent, Loretta Williams Gurnell shared her point of view and strategy in parenting that you may apply to your family. So far, all the things she has done to her family are working just fine in terms of harmonious relationship within her family. She also pointed out in this episode that, “There’s a term called solo parenting and it’s not a negative term. Sometimes in our marriages are one spouse has to be away for a long period of time maybe has longer hours than the other and so the mother or their father depending on the household may seem as though it’s a single-parent home but it’s not a single parent home it’s called solo parenting. That just means that at that particular most of the time this particular parent is in charge. And so it doesn’t take away from the other parent not being there because they’re providing.”

On the other hand, Candace Ford of Project Beautiful Me a non-profit organization that mentors girls between the ages of 12 to 18 states that, “I want them to know that they are beautiful on the inside and to love yourself more than anything. Because once you love yourself and you understand that it’s nothing greater than loving yourself in your decisions and everything else would be easy.” She made it clear that being an inspiration to young generation begets an emotional and moral stability. By this progressive development, it can boost a woman’s self-esteem and improves their outlook in life.

Meanwhile, The Lamik Beauty of Kim Roxie, a world-renowned make up line is also an advocate of breast cancer. She witnessed how the disease changed the lives of her family members. Her mother, once diagnosed with breast cancer is a living testimony that it can be prevented. She said, “A lot of times, we deny ourselves of good health.” Often times, we are led by fear when we feel something isn’t right in our body.  She added, “It’s something that actually wants to check and feel to make sure you know there’s nothing there.” We must protect ourselves first hand if we want to stay healthy and be with our loved ones for a while. The advantage of being watchful in our health is that we can discover our optimum potential to help, love and a partner for change for a better community.