Today at the Al Rucker Show, we bring you a delectable, succulent episode! “God if there’s anything I’ve got to do to make this successful, what is it?” Justin Williams of Hungry Heroes shares his experience and inspiring story of his food truck service and how he handled his desperation into becoming a noteworthy, admirable business owner.

“When I started the food truck, trust me I was in a desperate situation.” Sometimes when we feel hopeless, we tend to become anxious in such a way that we don’t think of the repercussions of our action. But of course, Justin diverted his attention to things that is worthwhile.

For the last seven years, they have never failed feeding children and the homeless out of their own pocket up to this date. The business is doing great, attracting more customers, reaching to people who desperately need their goodness and generosity.

His wife Titi, became his business partner and continues to give back what her husband has started. Titi said, “We slowly begin telling people that we were doing it just because we wanted them to experience the same experience that we were having.” She also added, “Hungry Heroes was created from the homeless people.”

The couple may have had some struggles, but that only made their relationship stronger and more loving to each other. “The hardest thing is not having time to normal activities during the day time.” Due to the demand of their flourishing business, the time spent for recreations were only poured to growing their business and helping unfortunate individuals. As Justin would say, “Giving back is the most important thing.”

When it rains, it pours. Indeed they are blessed because of their determination to help as much as they can, without expecting anything. They are even more blessed to have their little princess, Jlo Sky who inspires the couple to keep serving the community and to make Hungry Heroes an influence for others to the same.