Have you ever asked yourself, what’s your purpose in life? Or, how can you start to be a part of something in your own simple way? Well, if you have come across those questions in your head, that’s a good start! In this episode we can help you fathom what we can, as an individual contributes to the society and mankind which gives us a sense of responsibility in a new dimension.

Gracing us today are the lovely Jotina Buck of Unboxed Global, Seneca Dunmore, Hazel El Brown and Tamara of The Good Hair Hair Show. Empowered women who definitely change the definition of a woman and promoting a strong foundation of self-worth and how she can make a difference in every step of the way!

Jotina Buck of Unboxed Global, talks about her experience in Africa that changed her life enormously. This country has been facing a lot of struggles in the past decades and unfortunately, it is still present to this day that cripple its people massively. We have known this country as one of the poorest, in the third world. The sufferings of its citizens are unspeakable.  Together with Seneca, who also supports Joe’s advocacy in helping ease the pain that its women and young children are experiencing, also gave a new face of Africa to which we look at it in a stereotypical view as a warzone, with tremendous poverty and a chaotic part of the world, without seeing its magnificent beauty and what it can give to the world.

Racism to this date is still unbridled. Jotina who’s doing a mission in Africa for the last 10 years still sees people dealing with, “suffering, segregation, separation, division, governmental control.” She also added, “There’s a need for hope, there’s a need for light and there’s a need for love and a need for service. It doesn’t matter what you believe, it doesn’t matter if you are connected to a church, it doesn’t matter what’s your preference, and if you have the heart to serve you can definitely serve with this.”

She’s using her energy for a greater a cause, and she’s unstoppable! Through the course of her mission she shared, “the reality of the matter is, we are all poor, it’s just that property doesn’t look the same. We are in a nation of unrest right now, we lack peace, when you have someone absolutely nothing but can still smile, absolutely nothing but still can say, thank you God? Thank you universe? Thank you spirit? That’s huge, there’s something to learn there.”

She stated the things she witnessed in Africa that would really break a heart. “People pushed out in their community, even separated from their families literally based on the color of their skin. They are still in partage suffrage. Families were literally split apart as a result of that there’s a huge distribution of wealth and misappropriation of funds. Homelessness is prevalent. Prostitution and gangs are everywhere. Human trafficking and sex trafficking it exists. Unemployment rate is high.

“I needed Africa, more than Africa needed me.” Jo was inconstant realization seeing people continue to live their lives amidst danger and uncertainty.

Al asked Seneca, What do you think about the whole movement experience? “The media is over sensationalizing about Africa. When you think of Africa it’s like starving kids, with the flies around their face. They never show the beautiful places in Africa. They just want to keep afraid of Africa. When you change your perspective and think about things differently, things change. I came back feeling sorry for us. These people have nothing but they have so much hope, so much humility.”

I am calling the attention of every woman out there, this is the best time to start breaking barriers and make your selves an instrument to show the world, what a woman is made of! Today’s Al Rucker show gives us an empowering and enticing topic, an overview of how powerful a woman can become, when she let herself indulge in every aspect of opportunity, life is offering her.

Hazel El Brown & Tamara are also promoting the Good Hair Hair show battle that mainly covers about hair, health and beauty. The battle hair showdown encourages performing their creativity, scheme of things and all that stuff. It focuses on the hair makeover and it’s a new show that would interest others to discover for themselves their talent in hair styling. It also helps benefit the vendors to come up with an artful product that attracts more customers in the long run.

Their goal is to establish a good camaraderie, helping each black people to grow their businesses and to gradually open opportunities for others. Tamara stated, “I’m not a ball player, I’m not a rapper but my gifts are to motivate people to get paid to live up to their purpose. Hazel is one of those people who inspire me.”

Jotina Buck also mentioned, “It is important that we wrap our minds and our hearts around that which we desire and then coupled that with the language.” When she’s asked about what it meant by, Change your language, change your life. She also shared her goal for Unboxed Global. “Our first goal is to ensure that we serve people. Whatever they need and whatever they want us to be. Service for the people. Second goal is the people who are travelling with me is also served and transformed. Before you can be trusted to go across the world, I believe you have to be trusted to go next door.”

Jotina Buck is currently pursuing her doctorate and we can’t for her to be with Al Rucker show again with the title before her name!