Having a tattoo is a very instinctive issue in the society. Some  would perceived it as a cool thing, that only strong, brave men and women can afford the pain to go through in the process of wearing it. Others characterized a person that the more tattoos a person had, the less intelligent they were considered. A few would even look at it as extra-version and sensation-seeking.

Today at the Al Rucker Show, a fearlessman who bowled-over an excruciating measure of injecting ink in his body several times will change how you look at a tattooed person. Derrick, the person behind, The One Mentorship & Life Coaching is with us to share his thoughts on man’s accountability towards the family, being a parent and a mentor. All his tattoos are very significant in forming the organization and that each of them indicates his experience, vision and passion.

“My goal when it comes to mentoring, I want to empower them, meaning I believe everybody has gifts, purpose and talents. I feel like everybody has great potential so I always remind them if they don’t maximize it, you’ve got the streets that will do it for them.” A father of four, Derrick also shared that to be an effective parent; one should compromise a lot of things. He stated, “People have to let go of the ego and pride. That’s one of the biggest things that place in any relationship especially with parents. Adult issues have no place in kid business.”

We want our children to grow responsible and to be engaging in every good thing life has to offer. We care about their welfare and their future. To secure a bright, wonderful environment where we want the next generation to build their lives, one must pay attention to its surroundings if it will be favourable for their growth and enhance their way of life into a better one.

Located in the northwest section of Houston Texas, Acres Homes has a lot of stories to tell. From its rich history, one can say that this is an almost perfect abode to start a family or a business. Like any other cities, this place is also yearning for modernization. It desires to offer a sustainable, organized and a functional society to its people.

To help us understand how all these plans come to reality, we are joined by Jarvis Johnson, Texas House Representative of District 139, as He unveils the progress He wants to happen for the community. He said for it to be materialized, “I think the most important thing to do is to change their mind set.” He also added, “The one thing that I had to do was, ourneighbourhoods are not poor neighbourhoods. Our neighbourhoods are not economically poor nor or they intellectually poor. But for whatever reason I think the masses believe that the inner cities have to be poor in order to be black and so I want to change the mind set of everyone.”

He is currently working with Texas Southern University creating a master plan to come up with the most strategic measures beneficial for its residents and future residents of the community. “I believe the only way we are going to fix our communities we get rid of crime, we get rid of vacant lots, we get rid of dumping, and we get rid of all of the things we don’t want to see in our neighbourhood we have to have people reinvest back in our neighbourhood.”