From NFL to BBQ, Herb Taylor is the creative mind for Ray’s Real Pit BBQ Shack. He’s first known as a local football talent at Hightower High School, Herb was ranked among the top 100 players in Texas. Now that He’s taking the business scene and establishing a good reputation, his enthusiasm in making his visions big is even more invigorated! He always believes that for us to succeed in whatever we do, one must possess a dedicated heart and mind.

People around us is also a huge factor of your ups and downs especially in the business industry, “Surround yourself with good people. People you can trust. People that has the same vision as you. People that are adding to the value of you. Stay focus and know that it’s not a quick fix.” Herb stated when asked by Al his message for business starters.

His competitiveness and expertise in baseball has also been applied to his business venture. “You don’t get the glory; you just got to work to make everything flowing. Whatever needs to be done you just get it done. We don’t complain about it.” His inspiration is his loving children. “I have my kids. I have people who look at me and I want them to have something to say like, my dad did all of this, or at least my dad tried to do all of this. Who take that leap of faith, He wasn’t scared.”