Music meets film on today’s episode of the Al Rucker Show!

Actor and Director Carl Anthony Payne II and Houston-based singer Marrium Echo shared a dose of their talents as they talk about upcoming projects and guestings. Payne, who prepared a deep piece as a poet for the Night of the Gentlemen event, also co-hosts the said happening at the Dolce Ultra Lounge. On the other hand Echo gears up for her performance of her first album ‘Letters and Numbers’ on Tuesday at Heights Vinyl.

Throwing in punch lines from time to time, The Cosby Show actor shared his upcoming project this coming 2017—a feature film about bullying entitled ‘Misguided Behavior’. Starring his two sons, Payne discusses how this film deals with regards to today’s society, physical bullying, and even social media bullying.

“My son actually went through something very similar to this and I didn’t even know. I didn’t even know why he didn’t want to go to school and why he was, you know, everyday stomachache and all this other stuff because he was being bullied. He was being bullied by another kid at school who made him physically sick—who made him not want to even go to school or gave him self-esteem issues,” Payne recalled.

On Echo’s music, the Houston-based singer shared that her first album is a compilation of songs she’s written from a bunch of different experiences. “I wrote it, I arranged it so it’s going to be a redo of something we tried to put together a few years back, but it’s going to be done the right way this time so we’re really excited,” Echo said.

The two artists told the Al Rucker Show the struggles they faced as they journey the entertainment industry. While success is a difficult treasure to dig, the duo proved that resilience is a key and they also shared who have inspired them to keep their passion burning and keep grinding in the industry.