We often think that life is unfair. And I must say, it never was, is and never will be. Though we are confronted with a daily challenge, we always make sure we can get through it. But for people who had a difficult, traumatic experience and who were able to survive after such fateful event, it would make you think, how are they able to overcome it? What did they do to move forward and begin another chapter of their life like a brand new person? Well, today’s Al Rucker Show will give you a whole new perspective on life, survival and motivation. Will open your eyes to a new dimension of what a human being is made of.

Alissa R Jones, Shonnie Murrell and Marcelina Washington, these women are the reflection of yesterday’s heroes’ whose stories were never told. Who’s battles were fought in discreet. They will convey a message straight from their personal experience and will show that no matter how small or big the problem is, you can always find a way and a better, if not the best solution to your situation. 

Sexually abused at 11 by her stepdad, Alissa of Survivors with voices, shares her heart breaking yet inspiring story on how she weathered the storm amid the longevity of her suffering, that taught her a lot of lessons she uses to touch the young lives of sexually abused at the early age. She believes that, “My voice needed to be heard. I needed to be the voice for the voiceless.” She started picking up the pieces of her life when she can no longer withstand the depth of her agony. At this point she calls on to God. When Al asked her how she’s able to overcome such poignant experience, the strength she needed to tell her story, she said, “I found it through God. Because I got tired of going through life. Sometimes God will bring you down to your knees to make you get on your knees. To praise Him and recognize Him.” She then added, “When I started recognizing Him, I was able to get the strength to be able to empower others.”

All of us have gone through life changing events and we always conclude that the reason behind that would be one of these: the type of environment we grew up on, the people around us, or the way how we were raised. For Alissa, “if your foundation is shaky, then your whole life after that becomes shaky.” Her life before would be best describe as a turmoil in its deeper sense. She said, “I find it very hard because I held on to mine for 23 yrs. on the strain of my mother, told me not to talk about it.” She then added, “What goes on in the house, stays in the house.”

“To be honest, every survivor that’s been through sexual abuse, have lived with that.” When Al asked if it’s hard in an African American Community to talk about sexual abuse. She then added, “Now as we are in a new generation, we are changing that. We are voicing our invisible wounds. We are walking unapologetically. And that’s what my voice is doing.” It was also being asked why it took her 23 years for her to tell her story. She said that she needs to consider a lot of things especially that she has a daughter. “I don’t want my daughter to go through what i went through.” She then added, “There’s a child getting abuse every minute and if I can use my testimony, to save a child’s life whether a girl a boy.”

We heard most of the reasons why people who experienced such incident due to the threat on their lives. Alissa mentioned, “They capitalize off of you not wanting to reap up your family. Marcelina Washington also added, “They capitalize of the fear that child in keeping a secret.”

Alissa expressed her disappointment towards her mother. She’s totally clueless as to why her mother never, ever protected her. Though she’s already aware of what’s going on. Her mother still allowed her to be continuously abused her stepdad. As her way of revenge, she would stole money from her, did everything to hurt her so that she could also feel the kind of pain she felt all throughout. Just as when she revealed her secret to her friend, everything gradually changed.

Her abuser was kicked out. And eventually her mother opened up about her unacceptable approach during the time she was still dealing with abuser. Her mother was going through the toughest time on her life. Was also sexually abused at a young age. As she grew older, she became numb and raising her own family with limited affection and care for her daughter. As a result, she didn’t know how to react. She didn’t know how to protect her. It was only duplicated what happened to her then to her daughter. She then saw the bigger picture of everything.

She then stated, “Forgive people. Forgive your abuser. Forgive the people that you feel they didn’t protect you. Forgive yourself. I had to forgive me. I forgave my mother.” Alissa may have had a very difficult childhood up until such time when all her suffering ended, she pursues to help out and somehow ease the painful experience and support all the way to full recovery.

Today, an organization where people come together talking about various areas in life that they have overcame and survived, paved the way for Survivors with Voices. Alissa shared that she wanted to extend the help she can for young people who are sexually abused and are seeking shelter that they can call home. “It’s not talking about the issue its empowering one another, learning tools to become successful.” Marcelina Washington a survivor of life.

Shonnie Murrell is professional vocalist and percussionist. At the age of 5 she started playing instruments like guitar and drums. A powerful voice and a very talented beautiful lady, she’s the epitome of a woman who never afraid to pursue her talent and enjoys every bit of opportunity. She has collaborated with several artists proving that her talent is also good for mainstream audience. She also shares that some of her songs are the reflection of her past experience of which she pointed out a painful one. You can see her on tv shows and are making waves in music industry and she will never stop providing entertainment thru her songs.

Inspired by family and the people they look up to, they still continue to discover what they can give to the community and will continue to do good things to other people.