The aftermath has drawn dreadful opinions, widely disseminated in social media, and televisions. The question of the many, will they get the justice they deserve? Will the local and national government take immediate actions to get to the bottom of this?


“Very poor police work, extremely unprofessional.” Deric described the recent shooting occurred in two different cities just within 48 hours that ended the precious lives of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Families, friends and the whole black community are now entreating for justice, as well as for those who were victimized by police cruelty that to this point, has not been laid to rest. It’s just so sad that people are already apprehensive for what they are fighting for apparently due to how sightless the justice system is dealing about this matter.

In this episode, we are joined by Derek Muhammad a Houston Activist, AJ McQueen of Writers Blank Ink, Shakira Dennis of Houston Black American Democrats and Attorney Glen Austin,conveying a message to all Black American to get involved in this challenging times and to extend help for others whose voices are suppressed by fear.

Their thoughts have given us a better understanding of the situation. This is how Glen Austin looked at what happened. “I’m going to approach that from a Legal Perspective”. He continues, “You spoke about the use of force their and there’s a legal standard for when an officer is allowed to, to use lethal force. He also added by saying, “That standard is be reasonably and fear of an eminent threat to their life. Four elements: there’s got to be reasonable, there’s got to be fear,there’s got to be eminent threat, which is immediate to their life. So, if anyone of those is missing you can’t use such force.

Shakira also shared her thoughts about what happened. “I think this just but a common scenario that we’ve seen many times. We’ve been witnessed a murder of unarmed black man and it makes you wonder what’s really going to be the end of these things.I believe AfricanAmericanpeople are feeling hopeless, like we don’t have many outlets.” She also added, “Everytime it is a constant pressure, a trauma and then the community is trying to figure out what type of comprehensive response we should have.”

For AJ McQueen, “The graphic nature of the video of itself has got to be the worst that we’ve seen. It is against the nature of the human spirit.” He also cited, “The reaction for me looks like an unstable teenager trying to invite a girl to a prom trying to act out. It looks like, somebody is afraid, it’s horrible, when you see no weapon in his hands and then you see how his hands pinned down, and that’s not a police a work, that’s like you trying to capture an animal.”


Deric shared, “And I have to be honest, if we judge the Alton Sterling case but the history of this other cases there’s a good chance that these police officers will not pay for what they do. That’s the problem where facing this country. Everybody wants to talk about sensitivity training, about police community relations and all this different things in order to resolve the problem.”

Glen pointed out, “Ifit’s one thing for a street criminal to shoot another regular citizen, you can never stop shooting crime, only God can do that.” OnDeric when he said that “the only solution to this problem, Police officer has to pay the same price that we pay, when we commit acts like what happened last night in Dallas.”Glen said, “They should be held to a higher standard and the reason for that is because these police officers are public servants, we are paying taxes for them to protect us.”Glen continued by saying, “Police officers know the law, they work with the law every day and they know this certain key words that will benefit you in a court trial.”

Sharon said,“The take is extremely discouraging.” On Philando Castile’s case, who was suspected and beaten for his involvement in robbery.

Al then asked, What can we do to prevent like this in the future? AJ McQueen started by saying, “We have to have a whole reform.” Deric added, “I believe that the level of cultural sensitivity and the ability to communicate effectively usually happens between people who have more in common than not.The key to it all is to give victims a police brutality racial profile and domestic murder justice.”


“Black people we have got to stay awake. We have to have a sustained effort. We have to apply pressure to the system until things change.” Deric, who not only use his voice to make a stand, but urges people to start, even in a single step to make a change. Glen also stated,“I think that now is the time for a lot of us to start to get more strategic.”He added. “We also need to bring pressure from other ends. if you think about any type of war, you’re going to have troops on the ground, troops in the air and troops in the water.There’s a place for everybody.”

Deric’s thought on upcoming elections, “We must first have to have an agenda. A black agenda. And when candidates comes to us ask for our support it’s just like any other community, if you want our support this is what we want police sight. Whoever supports our agenda, earns our support and if we help them get elected then we hold their feet to the fire.”

Deric said, “If you want to say all lives matter, then you have to defend black lives the same where you would defend blue lives.” AJ McQueen added, “we have to change the status quo.”Shakira also pointed out,“I still believe in civic participation as a one form of activism and one way to address some of the many issues that we are facing here.”