The Al Rucker Show sends respects and condolences to the family, friends, and fans of the Late Great Muhammad Ali.
Now that the champ is gone, who will champion for the people? Will an athlete hold a banner just as Ali did? He spoke at a time when we were not clear of our voice.
Who do we have speaking for us now?

There has now been a person charged in the murder of Josue Flores.
Being that one man was wrongfully accused, is this the right guy?
The question on the table is still, the question of why?
We will have more for you as this story unfolds.

Our in studio guest is Marcus Bowers: As confident as he is about this brand, a great leader will always recognize his team. Mr. Bowers makes it known that She’s Happy Hair did not become a house hold name all its own. She’s Happy….. Is a business that was started by veterans. The discipline that they learned in the service has now helped them launch a national brand, with locations in Alabama, Detroit, Dallas, & Las Angeles is coming soon! Did you also hear about the She’s Happy Vending Machine’s? Find out more on this episode.

Also we discover guest co-host LiL Darrel has a degree in communications and broadcasting? He is not just for laughs. What else will be revealed today?

Get an earful on today’s show, it won’t be long until you discover why, “It’s the best thing to do on a Friday afternoon”