A Texas mom has accused her son’s elementary school of having a “racist and gendered” hair policy after it asked the six-year-old to cut his dreadlocks before returning to school.

Author and mother-of-three Tiffany Brown posted about Midway Independent School District’s dress code and hair policies on Twitter.

Her son, Jonathan Brown, brought a flyer with the policies home from Spring Valley Elementary School in Hewitt, Texas, before winter break.

On the flyer, a portion on hairstyles was highlighted, and a handwritten note instructed first-grader Jonathan to “please cut” his hair by January 8, when school resumed.

The hair portion highlighted said: “Hair must not be lower than the bottom of the ears or collar on the back. Hair must not touch eyebrows.”

The flyer also said hair “volume” cannot “exceed 2 in. away from head.”

Brown said she had not received other warnings about Jonathan’s hair, and noted that students of color are often targeted by hair regulations because of the “norms in society.”

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