At age 99, beautician Callie Terrell said she still works because she loves her job.

“I work because this is what I’ve enjoyed doing all my life. From a little girl I always loved messing with my sisters’ hair. They had beautiful hair. And I always enjoyed doing this,” said Mrs. Terrell.

She only works to keep busy and to satisfy a few longtime customers, like her daughter Inez.  According to the state of Tennessee, Mrs. Terrell was first issued her cosmetology license on Jan. 30, 1945.

Mrs. Terrell looks forward to her 100th birthday on Nov. 26 to retire.

Work is part of her secret to longevity. She once had her own thriving salon, but now she rents a space in a local shop.

“I’m not used to just being up in the house. You see I worked so long, I’ve just been around people and doing something exciting,” she said. “Most old people, they’re so dry and droll. I can’t deal with that. I gotta live and do the things that make me happy.”

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